A true sad story

What appals me most is being given a pat on the back to keep on going by the same people conspiring my downfallWhat makes me cringe is receiving congratulatory messages from the same people cursing my happinessI’m disillusioned by being detested by ones we look up to who claim to love us immeasurably What baffles me… Continue reading A true sad story

Death where is your sting?

The hooded Grim Reaper with a scythe in his hand finds its sustenance amongst the livingSlithering in the grass like a snake, looping sidewaysLooking for its next prey to subdueVery vicious and unforgiving Actively stalking, pursuing them until their capture, relying on the mastery of waiting,  time being its ally,Uses camouflage techniques as a veneer… Continue reading Death where is your sting?

The Social Media Scourge #mentalhealthawareness

A generation that is gradually crushing under the weight of social mediaThe further we scroll down and tap the more we crumble and tumbleWith every post, a fragment disintegrates from our whole selves From juxtaposing our lives with theirs we’re essentially comparing Volkswagen Beetles to HummersTo being clowns in a bid to masquerade our downsWe… Continue reading The Social Media Scourge #mentalhealthawareness