What they failed to be…He is!

You have to lose some people you thought were your everything to know that God has your back always. You must know that He is striding with you, personally going ahead of you, right there with you with the confidence that He won’t leave you, fail you nor abandon you!

Some phone calls have to be engaged, the person at the end of the line has to tell you they are busy and promise to call you back and probably never will so that you know there is a God who is a prayer away who is ever inclined to listen no matter how busy it might get as He said in His Word, “Call to me and I will answer you, to even tell you confined and hidden things which you had no idea of and couldn’t distinguish!”

Your heart has to be shattered into tiny million pieces for God to come through with His toolbox for you and pick up all the pieces and patch them up together and make you complete again because He is known to be the one who makes everything Holy and Whole and is the Master in putting everything together -spirit, soul and body! Perfecting everything that concerns you!

You find yourself bargaining with a man only to be handed snakes and stones when you ask for fish and bread. And yet there is one source where all good things come from. You just have to be bold and ask for what you need. He doesn’t play a cat-and-mouse chase nor a hide-and-seek game. If you simply ask for bread, He won’t trick you with sawdust,
If you ask for fish, He won’t scare you with a live snake on your plate!

Sometimes you have to knock and knock without anyone coming to your aid for you to hear God saying, “I will step in and work justice for you if you continue to cry out for help”
He also says, “Won’t I stick up for you?”
He assures you, He will not drag his feet.

Your compass has to be broken along the way, the GPS has to fail to coordinate directions and you end up getting lost for you to realise that He is the way, the truth and the life …

You have to go through the fire because, for silver to be refined, dross has to be burnt. The refiner will be at work doing what He does best- purification!

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