Another year gone by…

As we close down the curtain on 2021
We recollect the small wins
We remember the loved ones we lost- (may their souls continue to rest in peace)
We recall the salty tears we shed and the tight hugs
We asked more questions than we got answers and explanations

We fell sick but still if you can read this,
Both you and I should be grateful to the Big Man above
We remember the empty pockets but kudos to you for soldiering on
Champagne was popped & wine glasses clinked next door to us in celebration but it’s still fine- our turn shall come!

We were hopeless and never thought we would make it out alive
Things didn’t turn out as slated
Our resolutions and goals didn’t align with reality
We remember hoping for a brighter 2021 -although everything steered south, that shouldn’t stop us from anticipating a better 2022.

…..Anyhow, we still put together those resolutions
We still fantasise of a colourful 2022
I pray the pages to flip in your favour just as the calendar flips

Let’s make better life choices

Let’s appreciate the little we have

Let’s spend more time with our loved ones

Have a regret free 2022!

Love Maureen

8 thoughts on “Another year gone by…

  1. Great post, wishing that your dreams come true in 2022! I’m sure that God, above can have something to do with that


      1. That white man stole my identity and put an extra i to my first name. I didn’t notice it until my family did. This is the second time I was hacked. First on Twitter a few years ago and now my Instagram account.


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