A true sad story

What appals me most is being given a pat on the back to keep on going by the same people conspiring my downfall
What makes me cringe is receiving congratulatory messages from the same people cursing my happiness
I’m disillusioned by being detested by ones we look up to who claim to love us immeasurably

What baffles me is how some claim and assure that we can rely on their shoulder to lean on but, when we now lose our balance and seek support from them, they are nowhere to be found
I’m disheartened watching the lazy ones being rewarded and those deserving of credit not being recognised

Guess my old-timers were right when they came up with the adage, “Mapudzi anowira kusina hari” loosely  translated as “Those without earthenware pots have an abundance of squashes “
Indisputably, I can’t help notice that certain blessings and fortunes seem to follow those who are least capable of utilising them…

Are we not all tired of confiding in people who will behind our backs regale on our misery and sob stories
And now there is a reincarnate of Judas who gives us a smooch on the cheek and yet signalling to hand us over to our foes

Those in privileged positions sell us dreams only to invoke the slight glimmer of hope within us just to be left hanging high and dry

In short– God is the ultimate authority on everything!

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in people.
Psalms 118:8 NLT


2 thoughts on “A true sad story

  1. It definitely is a plus to confide in the Lord. God calls us to love our enemies and pray for them. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit are we able to accomplish this. We have two people at war within us. Our flesh and the Holy Spirit. Which one wins will decide weather we have life or death. So it’s always better to become more like Jesus than the enemy. I commend you for your quick thinking.

    Peace and Joy to you

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