To all the Fathers out there…

To the ever present father Thank you for deferring your dreams so that mine could be realisedI know you would have wanted to be more than what you are todayYou sacrificed your sweat and hard-earned money for usThank you for being uncomfortable so that I could live comfortably For lifting heavy loads on both hands,… Continue reading To all the Fathers out there…

Marthas’ story (2020 version)

No matter how busy it gets, if my phone chimes, I try to reply as soon as possible because that’s what I always do .I believe there is an unwritten social treaty that underlies our online messaging interactions. The apparent part of that contract is that certain types of messages demand a timely response. So… Continue reading Marthas’ story (2020 version)

The donkeys have been found!

The only time I hear about Saul when preachers stand on the podium is when he turns rogue when David now steps in. Well, I’m here to flip the script because I couldn’t resist the lessons displayed in 1 Samuel 9 & 10.Saul’s father was influential and wealthy so I’m still trying to wrap my… Continue reading The donkeys have been found!

Year we go!

So the order to enter the new year according to the Greenwich Mean Time (UTC) is different. We have the Republic of Kiribati; a country in the Central Pacific Ocean as one of the first locations to receive the new year and American Samoa is one of the last places to welcome the New year!… Continue reading Year we go!

Don’t get excited, It’s the same old story..

One thing I loathe most about funerals is the heartfelt eulogies read, the fresh flowers bought, the monies collected from all over, the off days taken just to send off the deceased, the immediate cancellation of all plans. The diasporan family even make plans to get onto the first plane back home! Word is transmitted… Continue reading Don’t get excited, It’s the same old story..