Simply devoted

I have had my fair share of misfortunes in relationships-from one end to another but, one thing I had in common in all those relationships is I WANTED and still want attention. Just think of how you want to wake up every morning to a good morning text and end each day with a brief update of how the day was like. With so many or at least one or two ” I love you’s” in-between the day as a constant reminder that you still reside in the recesses of their mind and hearts. We need gifts here and there, the special occasion ones and any time gifts -whatever love language you are, you just want them to make you feel special. You also take the time or even rack your brains trying to get the choicest gift for your lover because the smile they put on when you hand them the gift is just priceless. You want to go out and spend time with your partner now and again just to bond and catch up and you get so hurt when you get stood up.

Does anyone relate?

I was once cheated on by an ex-boyfriend. I felt embarrassed, inadequate, unwhole. I looked at myself in the mirror trying to see if I lacked anything that drove him to desire someone else more than me. He gave his time and attention to the other girl. When he was busted the usual excuses came, “It wasn’t my intention”, “it didn’t mean anything” ..”you know I love you, it was a mistake”.

Either way..intentional or unintentional. .it was an already done deed. Sadly, at that particular moment, someone got the time and attention that was meant to be mine.

I was so heartbroken and devastated


Think of how jealous you become when your partner receives a message from someone else or the heartbreak you experience when you are cheated on.

Just imagine the pain and the level of paranoia you go through

Now you do that to God every single day? Cheating on Him and breaking his heart? prioritising your time and attention to other less important or trivial issues. God wants to hear from us every single day. He wants us to run to Him when things go wrong before dialling any other number. He wants to rejoice with you when you get that windfall at work. Before anything else, He wants you to make Him His first port of call. He wants your time too, the attention and the choicest offerings.

And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. -Ephesians 4:30

1 Thessalonians 5:19 says Quench not the Spirit

Grieving the Holy Spirit is when believers cause pain, grief or distress to the Holy Spirit because of their actions. We grieve the Spirit by denying and not relying on Him. God gave us His Spirit to enable and bolster us, to give us capability in the name of Jesus.

Not desiring God’s will over our lives also breaks God’s heart. God has a plan for your life and mine. His will is that we obey the truths in His Word . We learn from the Word of God so that we live out what it teaches.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 2 Timothy 3:16.

God knows what we need and can and will supply that. When we think we do not need Him, that we have other avenues for the solution, then we are rejecting the work of the Spirit which is quenching Him and that’s when we grieve the Spirit of God.

When we pick and choose what we want to obey in the Word of God, we quench the Spirit which grieves Him. We don’t get to choose what we will obey and what we will ignore. Complete obedience is doing the will of the Father, therefore, there is no compromise.

God is a jealous God because He will not share His praise with another:

“I am the LORD; that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to carved idols” (Isaiah 42:8).

God carefully maintains and protects what is rightly His. This is sacred jealousy, and it is worlds apart from the type of sinful jealousy that causes us to sin and commit crimes of passion.

The full devotion you look forward to in any relationship is the same devotion you should exclusively give to God .

3 thoughts on “Simply devoted

  1. A very powerful and insightful message. Thank you for sharing. I definitely agree about full devotion to the Word, I certainly know I’ve had times i try to do things my way instead of God’s way. My goal is to improve that.


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