Don’t let your heart be troubled. ..

You may have been crying and questioning your faith in Jesus
You are so broken and you don’t know what else to do and where to start from

Her: God, Do you have five minutes?

(Staring across the table and seeing piles of paper stacked on His desk)

God: Please pull up a chair my child and join me. You look troubled? Pour it all out

Her : (Hesitantly) Err ..Umm ..perhaps I can come back a little later you look swamped!

God: Not at all..I’m never too busy for you!

Her : (Checking the time) But look, it’s getting late, maybe I could have a chat with you in the morning? You see, it’s a pressing need which requires your full attention. I will come back when you are fresh, so, tomorrow morning will be great!

God: No, my dear, not at all. I don’t sleep nor slumber. My eyes are always running to and fro watching over everyone to strengthen the hearts of those fully committed to me.

I’m always on the alert, constantly on the lookout for people like you, I don’t get tired of that, it’s a good thing you have come to me. I have time for everyone so long as you have made a personal call like what you have just done I will not send you away.

So, what brings you here at this time of the night?
What’s so urgent it had to steal your sleep and keep you awake.?

Her: (Crying hysterically, burying her face in her hands)
Lord, I feel so empty
I feel so drained
I’m just broken, I’m in a state of disrepair
I can’t seem to put back the pieces together
Everything is a mess

God: Hush my child..draw closer (stretching forth His hand).
I take those pieces that other people have broken and make your heart whole again. My love fills the void that other people have left behind. My love is the only love that could ever truly make you whole. The love that comes from me will never leave you broken-hearted. With me, you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a genuine rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch closely how I do it. Understand the unforced cadences of my Grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.


May God grant you peace, rest
and restitution- an equivalent return for all years suffered. May you be recompensated over all the years where your joy has been lost. I speak a fresh wave of restoration over your life, Peace and calm like a river -that tranquillity is what I desire for you! I pronounce freedom from worry and troubles and anxiety God is faithful and He is the Prince of Peace. When He says, “don’t let your hearts be troubled”, it’s because He knows you don’t need to allow the crazy things of this world to steal your joy and peace.

Be blessed in Jesus’ name


You are so dear to Him, there is nothing broken He can’t restore nor fix! Life will break you, but God will mend you and make you stronger through it all. He loves you with a perfect love that heals the heart and mends the holes that life leaves behind!

42 thoughts on “Don’t let your heart be troubled. ..

  1. A beautiful dialogue with God, full of love, warmth and kindness, all that we lack, because we are often unable to give it to each other.
    “I would not be worthy of your love”
    Thank you Lord for all that was
    And for what will happen
    Cause I believe everything you put in my way
    It can serve my growth
    I wouldn’t be where I am
    If I hadn’t solved my problems
    I wouldn’t be who I am
    If I did not understand my mistakes
    I would not be worthy of your love
    If I were for it all
    She felt no gratitude in her heart
    Stay with God :)):)):))

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      1. I have more poems about thankfulness, about love, and many other topics, but many are devoted to the relationship of man with his Creator.
        This is another example of gratitude in this:


        “Gratitude is the mother of faith and love”

        Gratitude is the mother of faith and love

        So until you feel grateful in your heart

        You have nothing to dream about faith and love

        The more gratitude you grow in your heart

        The more you radiate faith and love

        Ask your heart about the level of gratitude

        And you will understand why in your life

        Faith and love are missing

        Those who haven’t taught you gratitude

        They blocked your access to faith and love

        But it’s not lost

        You can learn to be grateful yourself

        Start with yourself

        Be thankful for every breath you take

        For a heartbeat

        And you will start to enjoy life

        How will you be systematic and persistent

        You will build a powerful arsenal of love and faith

        Don’t look back at anyone, count on yourself

        Because it’s your life, not someone else’s


        Best regards and welcome to my blog

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  2. Nyasha, commendable, god is in every molecule of universe he is with us he will never leave us for being fragile. In my evening prayer I always question to god to be with me and for give me good sense.👌🙏

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  3. We should not need reminders that God is full of patience, grace, mercy, and kindness. God always has been and always will be.

    Thank you for sharing the story. 😊

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  4. What a most beautiful writing of how God sees His children who are in need! This analogy is how we as humans think God may be too busy, but in reality never is. God Bless and Keep you Always in His Care.


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