I’m busy listening to the soundtrack of my life, probably it’s been the same song on replay since the first of January. I’ve gotten used to the music, it’s not annoying per se, but, it’s just persistent, it accompanies my thoughts and actions as I go about life.

I feel like I’m very familiar with the lyrics and tune, but am I right? Stopped in my tracks today, to pay close attention to the lyrics of the song, I ask myself how did I miss the part when a note was skipped? Didn’t even hear when it jammed for some seconds, the volume was up all this while but was I even paying attention to the meaning of the song playing?

Now that I have hit the pause button, and nothing is playing, I realize that these critical moments of “nothingness” are indispensable. Attention is regained.
Just before a symphony orchestra fills a theatre with its melodious music, the conductor will tap his stand lightly. Raising his hands into the air, he then freezes with his hands at their peak and holds them there for a brief moment. That second or two of nothingness alerts the musicians and audience to pay close attention.

Some pause and respite are only you require today! As you do so, Thank God for bringing you this far!

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