The donkeys have been found!

Sometimes it’s the donkeys that lead you to your destiny

The only time I hear about Saul when preachers stand on the podium is when he turns rogue when David now steps in. Well, I’m here to flip the script because I couldn’t resist the lessons displayed in 1 Samuel 9 & 10.
Saul’s father was influential and wealthy so I’m still trying to wrap my head around on why he would worry over wandered donkeys! At least Saul was an obedient child to his father, he didn’t try to reason with him when he was sent to rove in quest of the lost donkeys. Seems like they went as far as three or so provinces (vs 4 & 5 ).

Well; fast forward to when they agree with the servant to consult a seer ( prophet ) concerning the lost donkeys. How queer is it that a drove of donkeys set Saul on a trail to his ordination and anointing as King. Scriptures say that God uses the foolish things and the most obvious things just to unravel part of his plan! A herd of stubborn donkeys wandered off just to be sought after by Saul! Wow! All of this led him to the person who had already been whispered to in the ear about him! God had already told Samuel that Saul was going to show up! May God whisper your name into the ears of key people who can help change the script of your life overnight! May God grant you a willing and obedient heart to go wherever He asks you to!

From the looks of it, Samuel seldom came into the city and here, the young women they asked mentioned he was overseeing a sacrifice on the high place that same day. Samuel was the most important person who presided over the ceremony since people would not eat until he arrived, It was a strictly by invitation, private function too! You had to RSVP via Samuel for you to eat! Saul must have been astonished and the regulars to watching him occupying a seat at the high place -at the head of the persons—amongst thirty invited men while the rest ate outside. See, there is an overtaking anointing that comes with obeying God! Way before he arrived, the guest list had already been drawn, it’s not like he was a gate crusher and they didn’t remove anyone from their seat just to accommodate Saul! NO!

God is a God of order and had already properly disposed of every tiny detail! God’s providence is so intricate! The cooks had already been ordered to set aside the fattened portion of meat exclusive to Saul! So this life-altering moment, all centered upon a wild -goose chase of wandered off donkeys to realize that someone had him in mind, had reserved first-class treatment for a lad like Saul who was insignificant, who came from the least of tribes and now what a shocker that he had been entrusted with the entire nation of Israel. A small one shall become a thousand

The smallest family will become a thousand people, and the tiniest group will become a mighty nation. At the right time, I, the Lord , will make it happen.”
Isaiah 60:22 NLT

It doesn’t matter the last name you carry nor your family background. What matters is how the lines are drawn unto you in pleasant places and how you have been blessed with a godly heritage! Just stay on course, just go and look for the donkeys! Samuel awaits you on the other side, the table has already been set for you, the guests have already been invited and a fattened portion of meat has already been set aside just for you! Whatever is yours has been kept for you until the appointed time. My prayer is that your path intersects with your Samuel! Isn’t it amazing?

What’s yours is yours for the taking with your name on rooms you haven’t stepped in yet! Just remain diligent and faithful in the smallest of tasks that seem mundane and boring!
Rounding up..did you notice how Samuel asked Saul to tell his servant to go on ahead of them? There are times when you now have to uncleave from certain characters no matter how far you have come together and what you have been through. .the instruction was for Saul not for Saul and his servant!

In Chapter 10 Saul was transformed to suit his new role and they were amazed saying Saul among the prophets who would have guessed! He is only a son Of Kish, from the tribe of Benjamin! Well, they will all be amazed. God directs our footsteps according to His Word. Many are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails!

One last thing, 1 Samuel 10:15 &16 the uncle is inquisitive he wants to know what Saul has been up to and what Samuel had said. .I’m not sure If the question was out of genuine concern or not but Saul didn’t give him a full report of what happened. He just said the donkeys have been found!..I’m sure the servant who was walking with him didn’t also know. If he had told the uncle that he had been entrusted with Israel he would emphatically rub it in his face and remind him about him being a Benjamite! Here, the lesson learned is not all ears are for your dreams! Don’t consult with everyone, not all qualify to hear about your journey! Lest you invite unnecessary discouragement. No egg or pregnancy is transparent ..let the results speak for themselves!

In the next verses, Saul is now publicly acclaimed King..and it now comes to light what he was up to all this while! For Saul, it was a journey which depicted supernatural unmerited favor, anointing to pursue overtake and recover which was lost, a status and title overhaul! We see that uncommon favor comes from above. It follows due process, from a nobody , irrelevant somebody to a King! Men cannot comprehend. God makes himself known in your situation in such a way that He promotes you beyond your imagination.

28 thoughts on “The donkeys have been found!

  1. Love all the lessons you draw from this story of Saul, Maureen. Especially appreciated this nugget: “Let the results speak for themselves.” Wise advice! Proverbs 27:2 offers similar wisdom. (Bet you knew that already!!)

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    1. Hey Nancy!I’m glad you drew lessons from the post!

      I had to go flip the scriptures to check that verse out! I’m glad you highlighted it😊. We shouldn’t call attention to ourselves!

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  2. A thoughtful post. We often forget how blessed and favoured Saul was at the beginning of his tenure and how much Samuel loved him even when God has to remove him from the throne. Thanks for the lessons your bring out of his story – humble beginnings lead to greater blessings once we’re faithful! 😃🙏💛

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    1. Thank you Renee❤We thank God for the revelation and I’m glad you got some encouragement from the post!


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