Year we go!

So the order to enter the new year according to the Greenwich Mean Time (UTC) is different. We have the Republic of Kiribati; a country in the Central Pacific Ocean as one of the first locations to receive the new year and American Samoa is one of the last places to welcome the New year! 2020 arrived at different times across the globe and while it’s still a Tuesday to some of us, some are already exploding fireworks symbolizing the start of global New year festivities. It‘s possible to get a quick flight in between two countries and count down to 2020 twice.

We are constantly bombarded with information and images from people’s lives and its so easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to them. Don’t worry about life, we all occupy different geographical locations, different time zones! Your time will come. Often we see the success of others as a marker of our successes and it becomes a distraction.It doesn’t mean that the Republic of Kiribati is faster than American Samoa. Both countries are working based on their time zones!

It’s okay if they went ahead of you! Don’t envy them, it’s their time zone! Yours is coming soon. Hold on, be strong and stay true to yourself

You are not late, you are not early you are very much on time! Check-in with your time zone! Respect your time zone!

with love Maureen Nyasha

3 thoughts on “Year we go!

  1. On such a quiet Sunday, nothing could be more inspiring than your witty and finely tuned piece here. I have enjoyed the metaphors and symbols in it. Very creative and well thought-out. Keep writing and inspiring…

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