Don’t get excited, It’s the same old story..

One thing I loathe most about funerals is the heartfelt eulogies read, the fresh flowers bought, the monies collected from all over, the off days taken just to send off the deceased, the immediate cancellation of all plans. The diasporan family even make plans to get onto the first plane back home!

Word is transmitted to neighbours and some workmates and the first questions they ask are …“Ndeupi wacho iyeye? aimboita nezvei? hatisi kumurangarira” ( Who exactly passed on? We don’t remember him /her, What is it he /she did for a living?). All of a sudden there is a heightened interest in who they were and what type of living they had…but, that detail doesn’t matter, they still make sure they grace the funeral with their presence, they even join the queue to view the corpse!

On social media, the newsfeed is inundated with outpourings from friends and family for days after the death of their loved one.

All I’m saying is;

It’s all too rare that we tell the people we love exactly why we love them—what they bring to our lives, why our lives are richer because they’re in it, how their presence fortifies and complements our own lives.

It’s so terrible for the dead to miss their own obituaries. I’ve often wondered if a person’s quality of life could have been bettered if she/he knew how appreciated they were. How about we try to commemorate the living, not merely the deceased. Why wait until they’re gone to celebrate them? How about telling them how much they mean to us, while they are still alive and meandering, imperfectly along, weaving in, like knitted yarn, through their lives and ours.

We do not realize the true value and legacy of a living friend, loved one or family member until they suddenly pass away. Truth is, there are many living legends among us, stop and take time to notice their worth before it’s too late!

Celebrate your people today! Do not wait until they die to give a flowery testimonial of how good they were, while they lie in the grave and their ears are filled with dust.

After reading this, check up on the person who comes first to your mind. That one message and phone call from you might turn everything around. If you can afford a bunch of fresh flowers also take them with you when you pay them a visit! Go on! What are you waiting for?

61 thoughts on “Don’t get excited, It’s the same old story..

      1. I would say that above all the articles you submitted, the one that struck me was “Don’t get excited, It’s the same old story.” The reason why is because I witnessed a relative who lost their mother while the undertakers were burying her. The daughter came running towards her casket and said out loud in tears, “Mommy! Wait!”

        That same daughter was the one who didn’t treat her mother well and that’s what happens. That scene came to my mind when I read that article. I learned a lot from that day. I learned how to value and appreciate people when they are alive. Give them flowers and thank them for all they have done in your life. That’s better than giving flowers when they are dead, to be honest.

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      2. Oh wow! This really got me so emotional and teary eyed! The main question should be,”Did I end my last conversation with the other person in such a way that I will not have any regrets?”

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      3. I was used to posting motivational status updates on my WhatsApp. I had no idea people were following and getting motivated..that’s how I decided to switch to a bigger platform and audience on WordPress.My desire is to reach out to many people through my articles, I’m not a good orator but with words I feel like I can fully express and communicate effectively to people from all walks of life!Most of the stuff I write I have also gone through them and have managed to draw lessons from them that I think will help others too

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      4. Wow! That is wonderful tho. Truly inspiring! For me, I wanted to share God’s word and my own experience on a platform that can benefit people. Back in 2017, was where I first started WordPress. Ever since then, I’ve been getting a lot of positive, encouraging feedback to continue this path. Everyday, I learned a lot about myself and see through life as it is.

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      5. This WordPress blog opened up my mind to do a podcast and showcased my voice. Stuttering has been an obstacle for me growing up. Going through a psychological trauma of witnessing my mother being treated unfairly with men in her life, allowed my mouth to be shut.

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      6. Oh I’m sorry about that.
        That’s the story behind Viralwisdom4men too?Have you ever heard what’s called “happy accidents? ” Where God uses those unfortunate incidences to work out something really beautiful..see how all that has caused you to express yourself fully and open up and reach out to others who might have gone through exactly what you went through!

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      7. Oh no. The story about Coming of Age For Men, which I changed it, is about supporting all men to become better husbands, fathers, and sons. Nowadays, there are young men who are being killed unnecessary. The George Floyd video was hard to see. Imagine a cop sticking a knew deep on your throat as you are crying out for help. Although people are now going crazy looting and protesting, retrospectively, I don’t blame them.

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      8. Sadly, there is not enough men who would give them the encouragement they need. Right now is a perfect time to do so. I am glad to be in a position where I can share my own experiences and offer prayer to them. 🙂

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      9. All this while the Silver Smith (God ) was perfecting his chalice!-you .He will hold it in his hand up high for all to see!

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      10. Until one day, I decided to practice on my speech daily and learned how to control my pauses. Each time I would do a podcast, my confidence would build. I can proudly say that I conquered stuttering by the grace of God. 😀

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    1. Indeed it is!

      How about we say all the good stuff and celebrate them when they are still alive before their ears get buried in dust !


    1. Thanks for the reblog Jonathan!Its so true! We need to maximise on the little time we have with our loved ones whilst they are still around and create good memories so that when their time is up here on earth we are left with no regrets

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  1. This is true. All these nice things said cannot bring smile on the face of who it is been spoken about. The song said don’t scatter roses after I am gone give them to me while I carry on

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    1. I love that line “don’t scatter roses after I’m gone “. .it’s very true….I prefer them fresh when I can still smell their sweet fragrance😊

      Thank you for taking your time to go through the post!

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