Drumroll please….

Out of the way claimants, so that you properly unroll the red carpet for the majestic entry of the real MVP
Pave the way for the real one. You have been obstructing his view for some time now. We can organise several seats for you in the front row as you watch the real assignee shows you how it’s done.

He is greeted with deafening applause and a standing ovation. Invigorated, he takes over the stage and
cuts the performance short. He closes the curtain as he takes out a pair of scissors and cuts the tangled strings that tethered her to the manipulator.

For too long you have been the narrator of her life. You have strung puppets of manipulation and betrayal, controlling her actions and speech. Marionette puppeteers, you had your two seconds of fame as you conducted the theatrical performance, synchronizing her movements.

Their downfall is here, she is finally free from their reign. The MVP is volitional and intentional, he gives her a spontaneous and euphoric dose of love, acceptance and respect that covers up all her pain and erases her tears. Now they spectate from the terraces watching her as she glistens and glows. Their sight has been blurred and their knees have been weakened.

They watch him as he transcends and helps her walk away from the soul-draining puppet play and the herald blows his trumpet to make a public announcement, “Time killed and wasted has no resurrection .”

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