Letter to a Son

Dear future son

I’m writing this because I know my daughters have been empowered whilst you my son have been neglected.I know your dad will teach you how to hunt , how to drive and fix broken appliances in the home but I needed to tell you this myself.

Its a joy to marry the right person and a misery to marry the wrong one!If she was a lazy person before you arrived,then you got yourself a well dressed lazy individual home!No miracles happen at the alter my boy. Don’t marry a hazard!My daughter in law has to be an asset to you and not a liability.

There are girls out there who will go after you just for your money and assets.Be wary of those!There are girls who will want to get married to you just because they think that marriage is a solution.Don’t arouse a girl’s feelings without intentions of pursuing them .You can be a chivalrous ,God fearing man without letting pride get in the way. I know you are saved but don’t let religion get the best of you.Don’t force love and don’t chase it.You can actually be happy with one woman contrary to the belief that in each football team there has to be substitute players on standby.You don’t necessarily have to test drive every car you get into If you don’t have the intentions of owning it.There are so many attractive cars on display in the showroom ,you are going to like them all but I know you have a preferance and there are certain specifications you are after, go for that one!

Dear son,I urge you to make up your mind because a double minded man is unstable in his ways.If I give you money to buy a pair of shoes, it’s okay to go window shopping but ,before you leave for the shops, know what you want so that when you walk into the shop you will know the exact shoe you are looking for.I once bought your grandfather a pair of shoes just to appreciate him .It wasn’t an easy decision to make because he is a difficult man with quite an impeccable taste in fashion so I had to make the best choice .As I was selecting the shoes, I beckoned the only male shop attendant present because I wanted an opinion from a male’s vantage point . I told him I wanted an expensive pair of shoes with a bold and neutral colour ,not too bright not too dull .He handed me this other pair of genuine brown leather formal shoes and I immediately fell in love with them.

I walked up to the till and paid my bill ,thanked the shop assistant and walked out of the shop.A few blocks down the road, I saw another shop with genuine leather upper- shoes imported from Turkey. I got in and for a moment my heart sank in regret. I wished I had seen this shop earlier! I opened my purse to see if I still had change enough to buy another pair from this shop ,sadly, there wasn’t any left. I walked back to the other shop to see if I could return those shoes ,phew, I still had the receipt !As i walked to the till ,I saw an inscription on the wall written, ” No refunds !No exchanges!” Sadly, I walked out of the shop passed by that other shop and imagined how good the shoe would have looked on my dad especially with his favourite navy blue striped suit.

I got home and handed him the shoe box. I didn’t tell him the trouble I had gone through inorder to purchase that shoe and neither did i mention the Turkey shop which had better looking shoes.I saw my dad’s face beaming with joy and immediately I knew I had made the best choice .That feeling of regret vacated that instant and I started feeling good .Up to now it’s his favourite pair of shoes and it goes well with most of his clothes! Whenever we have a family gathering he makes mention of those shoes and that makes me a proud daughter upto now!

May I also let you know that the woman you are looking for is in your head and probably doesn’t exist.You will never get a finished form of a woman. Your job is to take the raw material and cultivate it into what’s in your head! Cultivate your person.The grass is always greener where it’s watered. Woman is looking for knowledge and direction, protection, profession of love and provision So you’re supposed to know more and be all that.Son,teach your woman, be her protector always.If you can’t be all that to her then wait till you are ready , it is good for you to be alone .

Work hard my son and also read 1corinthians 13 there ,you will find ways to love her genuinely.

I love you my Son

Your loving Mom

Maureen Nyasha❤

22 thoughts on “Letter to a Son

  1. “The grass is always greener where it’s watered………………………, be her protector always”

    This is beautiful and so much a great deal empowerment. I could be that “son” coz I really would use this.
    I’m inspired!

    Thanks Maureen

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  2. Don’t force love and don’t chase it….

    Beautifull message that should be sent out by all women to their sons.I know my Mom would want me to have this kind of a letter from her.I really appreciate this.

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    Good job.

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  4. We cannot forever complain about abusive men (however legitimate that complaint may be). We need to raise our sons to be good husbands and fathers. You have gone a long way toward that. Bravo! ❤

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